Anxiety Disorders Contribute to the Development of Cognitive Impairments, Study

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More than millions of people experience episodes of anxiety and stress in their daily lifestyle, i.e. due to an unbalanced daily routine, irregular diet plans, work tensions, hectic schedules and insomnia, the symptoms of anxiety disorders increase in the people. A recent survey conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health concluded that more than 40 million adults have a critical stress-related disorder that affects their daily lifestyle.

Anxiety Patients in the World

Further studies proved that more than millions of people buy anti-anxiety medications, like Xanax online UK to deal with critical health disorders. In the University of California, researchers examined more than thousands of people to understand their lifestyle changes occur due to anxiety symptoms.

The report published by the California University stated that if the anxiety disorders not treated in the early stages, they can increase the risk of development of physical, mental and neurological health disorders.

Health Problems Caused Due to Anxiety

Lack of coordination, concentration issues, cognitive problems, memory loss, lack of interest and abdominal changes are the common symptoms of anxiety disorders. If anxiety patients neglect the importance of suppressing the anxiety and stress symptoms, serious health consequences will occur.

Anxiety Disorders can contribute to the development of heart diseases, high blood pressure, insomnia, obesity, type-2 diabetes, memory loss, cognitive impairments, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain.

Many studies claimed a relationship between anxiety disorders and cognitive impairments that affect people’s lifestyle in different ways. Poor reasoning skills, cognitive problems and memory loss are caused due to frequent episodes of anxiety disorders.

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