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How Sleep Affects The Levels of Testosterone & Sex Life?

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How Sleep Affects The Levels of Testosterone & Sex Life?

We all know sleep is very important for keeping us healthy and active. Lack of sleep affects each function and system of our body. One surprising that came across is that it affects the hormonal system of our body. Some studies have shown that sleep deprivation results in hormonal imbalance. Therefore, it is important to fall asleep and stay asleep at night for quality sleep. In addition, if nothing helps you hit the bed at the right time, it is better to discuss with a sleep expert. Again, discussing with a sleep expert can help you understand the sleep loss causes easily. Further, choose the right sleep aids to improve the sleep cycle. Buy sleeping pills online in UK at cheap prices from Strong Sleeping Pill pharmacy with speedy deliveries at your doorstep.

Here we will get to know how sleep affects testosterone levels in men. It is observed that lack of sleep lowers testosterone levels in men.

It seems a little odd that sleep is linked with the management of testosterone. However, these two are related to each other and treating one can improve the other. Testosterone production increases during sleep. That means if you are not sleeping well or getting enough sleep, your testosterone production will be disturbed.

Both sleep and testosterone levels are linked with each other. Because if sleep deprivation lowers testosterone levels, it may lead to insomnia. That is why it is said that treating one will improve the other. According to researchers, as testosterone lowers down, cortisol level increases. Cortisol is responsible for alertness and wakefulness, due to which people couldn’t get proper and enough sleep. Moreover, men often feel tired due to low testosterone levels.

Many ways can improve the sleep cycle and increase testosterone. While for men suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, it is very difficult to improve testosterone levels.

People should try to cure the symptoms of low testosterone levels like sleep cycle, obesity, etc.

Here are some tips to sleep better and good testosterone levels:

  1. Getting consistent sleep means at least 7 hours of sleep daily to maintain testosterone levels. It can be done by sleeping and waking at the same time daily. Further, you need to hit the bed at the same time, i.e. following a balanced sleep cycle or fixed routine in daily life improves sleep quality. In addition, the body produces more testosterone during sleep. Therefore, focus on sleep timings and get 7-8 hours of sleep at night.
  2. People should avoid distractions like electronic devices, smartphones, etc. They should keep the bedroom noise-free and comfortable for sleeping. At the same time, blue screens increase the stress hormone, cortisol, which inhibits the levels of testosterone, which leads to poor sex drive. Therefore, try to limit the use of blue screens and if you need to work on them for hours, switch to blue light protection settings.
  3. People should avoid daytime napping. It disturbs our sleep cycle and we become very lazy. Therefore, we should sleep at night and stay active throughout the day. Taking 7-8 hours of sleep at night is better than taking frequent naps in the day, studies show.
  4. If you are suffering from any sleep disorder, you should seek medical help. Because it is very important to treat these disorders to sleep well.

Therefore, it is very important to sleep better to manage testosterone levels and keep us healthy and fit. Furthermore, if you are feeling sleep-deprived after trying everything, talk to sleep experts and choose the right dose of sleeping tablets. Buy sleeping pills online in UK from here at Strong Sleeping Pill UK pharmacy with safe payment options and real-time tracking of your orders.


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