Keep Your Heart Safe— Treat Anxiety With Xanax 1MG

Xanax 1MG

Worrying, panicking or stressing are natural responses that can be beneficial or a way for our brain to be aware of the harm. However, persistent anxiety disorders may be responsible for putting you at the higher risk of heart problems. According to the studies, it has been found out that anxiety disorders or depression are very common among the patients with heart diseases. However, if you are the one struggling with the same condition, then try the most effective medication Xanax 1MG and heal the root cause of Cardiovascular disease.

What do the studies suggest?

Anxiety significantly elevates an individual’s risk of having the cardiovascular disease. Listed below are some studies those were done over the years by the experts to conclude the relationship between both anxiety and cardiovascular disease.

*According to the recent meta-analysis, over 50% of patients with heart failure have increased rates of anxiety, and 13% of individual’s meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder.

*A study conducted by Annelieke M. Roest (Tilburg University in the Netherlands) involving 250,000 people with a follow-up period of around11 years suggested that 48% of heart-related deaths and 26% with coronary heart disease were related with anxiety.

*Another study was led by Imre Janszky (Karolinska Institute in Stockholm) involving 50,000 young men and a follow-up of about 37 years suggested that anxiety doubles the risk of coronary blockages and a heart attack.

How can be anxiety responsible for Cardiovascular disease?

When a person is anxious, the body reacts in a certain way, that can put an extra strain on the heart such as increased blood pressure, rapid heart rate, decreased heart rate or platelets may become thicker leading to clotting of the blood and enhancing the risk of a heart attack. Anxiety affects all these factors directly or indirectly and it can be very harmful to those with existing heart disease.

Treat anxiety with Xanax 1MG and save yourself from the heart disease

Xanax 1MG is the most efficient medication commonly prescribed by the medical experts in the UK and all around the globe to treat anxiety. It was approved by FDA in the month of October 1981. Xanax is the brand name for medication Alprazolam UK which belongs to the class of medicines known as benzodiazepines.

Xanax 1MG binds to the GABA(a chemical in the brain), enhances its activity which further induces the calming effect.

Xanax a is short-acting medication, which quickly dissolves into the body. However, Xanax 1MG has to be administered more frequently to keep the blood levels constant.

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