Know the Link Between Sleep Deprivation and Mental Illness

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Lack of proper sleep, i.e. less than 6-7 hours of sleep during the night can leave you worried, stressed and exhausted on the following day. More so, if you feel sleep deprived frequently in a row, it has a direct impact on your physical, emotional and neurological health. Many studies conducted by the researchers of the National Sleep Foundation concluded that severe and chronic symptoms of insomnia and other sleep disorders are associated with a number of mental health problems. That’s why sleep experts and doctors recommend strong sleeping pills, like Zolpidem, in their prescriptions.

Many physical, emotional or psychological health problems are associated with poorer sleep-wake cycle, including anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and memory loss (Dementia).

According to National Sleep Foundation findings, the relationship between sleep loss and psychological health disorders is bidirectional i.e. More than 70% of insomniacs have mental health problems and mental patients suffer from severe and chronic insomnia in their daily lives.

People who don’t get enough quality/restorative sleep during the night have slower emotional activity, poor performance, productivity issues and relationship problems, such as sex problems, communication issues and performance issues due to excessive tiredness, fatigue, poor concentration/focus and irregular hormone levels.

If left undiagnosed or untreated for a long time, insomniacs have a greater risk of developing or dying from physical or mental health problems. Talk to a doctor or an online sleep expert to understand your symptoms, treatment methods and ways to live a quality life. Follow a healthy lifestyle, adopt a fixed sleep routine, avoid blue lights and buy strong sleeping pills, like Zolpidem to deal with severe and chronic insomnia symptoms.

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Strong Sleeping Pills